TRANSFORMATION for Socio-Economic-Political-Transformation

As the all democratic pillars have totally broken down, it is urgent that we make efforts with alacrity to clean up, change and transform it soonest so as to benefit from it in our life time. Discretion is mostly misused by those in power to suit themselves exploiting the citizens. As economy is what affects everyone’s lives, it is worthwhile to focus on it first, to point out its implications at the outset. Ideologies are tradeable and so too party politics! Polarisation and fragmentation on spiritual-religious divisionisms have reached a dangerous stage, such that violence is often easily resorted to. Whilst the existence of god as a concept itself is doubtful, having chosen a secular stance of governance, it must be truly practised.

IMPACT OF CORRUPTION ON OUR COST OF LIVING IS ABOUT 50%; in other words we all would be able to maintain the same living standard even at half the income if the 50% impact of corruption can be eradicated. It is not easy, but it is worth the endeavour. Or else it will get worse, as those involved, e.g. politicians, their cronies, civil servants, judiciary right from the highest levels to the villages, outsourced entities, contractors etc are mismanaging and syphoning off all the funds allocated for development and socio-economic causes. They have been investing in all spheres of consumer demand sectors enslaving the people the mercy of their clout of market manipulations. Through controlling benami interests, housing, education, food, energy, health, employment, communication etc are exploited. Employment in government bodies and public contracts are `fixed’ such that the whole lot are hand in glove at the cost of quality, budget, timeliness etc eventually affecting safety and performance of the completed projects and delivered social products missing targets.

Situation has gone bad to worse over one generation mainly due to population explosion, resultant scarcity/shortages and inaction of the well-informed educated beneficiaries who have chosen to ignore the rest at their own peril. The have-nots at high majorities taking to non-co-operation, disobedience, violence and terrorism are bound to alter the seemingly secure system to a dangerous one with backlash within a generation itself. Current young generation feels that the previous generations have let things precipitate to a bad level. As such the onus is on the middle-aged to take the lead and guide the youth.

There are enough checks and balances in the constitution and systems that have evolved. We are not using them to the fullest possible extent. Politicians, babus and judiciary must be made accountable. Judges must be made to work on holidays and weekends, and their long summer and other holidays reduced so as to clear pendency within a target date. Lok Adalat must be made to work efficiently. Fast track courts need to set up to try politicians for their corrupt practices, so that cases are not dragged for long and justice literally fails. Youth are following wrong role models after observing and learning that the corrupt and noncompliant are able to get away by working the system. Thus citizens are not law abiding anymore as can be seen at traffic signals and any queue that one has to follow with civic sense.

Saying sign of times of kali yuga and ignoring/living with unbearable misgovernance are only escapism in its worst form. It is a matter of attitude of expecting others to do something about what all is wrong, when one opts to get on with one’s otherwise busy life, schedule and priorities. Right to information (RTI) Act must be used –overcoming obstructions in its path to make systems transparent, so that mismanagement can be spotted/rectified cost-effectiveness. Right to Services at reasonable cost must be pursued.


Crowd-funding from willing will be required to support and sustain such a movement.


Many are the suggestions and actions required to clean up the problems quick and fast. However, it will be dependent on public interest, insistence, persistence and follow up.

It is best to choose 5 most important issues that need be addressed immediately. So that the other ones can pursued on a continual basis as follow up with the momentum

The Constitution had not envisaged party driven politics & elections as also dynasties getting entrenched in power and pelf. Politics has become lifetime vocation and family business. Those benefitting from such set ups have formed coteries to safeguard their interests. Thus the citizens are stuck with old parties and their hierarchies not willing to change with times.

Aam Aadmi Party has been the only exception and it is early to praise their achievements. It has given us some hope and so let us endeavour to build on it, as the citizens have got a taste of alternative/s that are possible.

As we progress and succeed Reject, Recall, Referendum etc are the desirable add ons. Online voting and plebiscite on important matters should become practicable soon.

Thus let us set out with 5 important issues that deserve urgent attention and resolution:

  1. Decriminalise politics: fast track all cases pending against politicians through special corrupts comprised of best judges available
  2. Clean up Judiciary: Make them work overtime daily, during weekends and cutting holidays to clear backlogs. Speed up the appeal process. Revamp the whole system by dumping outdated acts, modifying/amending and enacting new ones
  3. Instil the commitment of `service' in public SERVANTS making them responsible and answerable with strict timeframes for routine/most tasks. Trim their perks and authority. Reward good service; penalise poor performance too. Revamp administration by modifying the IAS, IPS, ICS, IFS system…as it has outlived its utility
  4. Improve citizens' participation in democratic process by empowering them to reject, recall, propose (like proposition in US) and vote (electronically) on important matters like a referendum
  5. Eliminate nexus between party, politicians, babus and business houses by exposing all undesirable activities and fast tracking corrective measures/punishments. Public Sector Underatkings to be managed at arm's length with no posting for politicians, babus, their ilk and the like


New IT friendly smart capitals to be developed for the Centre and ALL states, moving them to geographical centres (like Trichy for Tamil Nadu), digitalising all records; improve transportation with bullet trains and the like. Such infrastructure spending will have the best economic multiplier effect in the shortest time

Work towards rewriting Constitution with the experience gained over the last seven decades.