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#8, 5th Street (A-50)
Anna Nagar East
Chennai – 600 102, INDIA
Tel. : 91-44-26213924, 26262760
Email: pullat@vsnl.com; captpullat@pullat.net

Beginning with the Maritime sector, PROFESSIONAL MARITIME GROUP (PMG) strives to bring professionals and industries together in their quest for mutually convergent goals through compatible objectives.

PMG's activities encompass:


bridging the gaps between the aspirants, new entrants, experienced and the service industries they are committed to. Our client base stretches across the international broad spectrum from MARINE to SOFTWARE, both ashore, afloat and overseas, with candidates primarily from India and that of Indian origin in the dispersed diaspora.

Qualified, Skilled, Experienced and Proven Manpower base with sound track record and good references in many disciplines linking Marine, Offshore, Engineering, Finance and Projects, is our forte'. Career Counselling, Guidance and Development are offered under the Education & Training portfolios.

Advertisements often do not elicit right crop of applicants - it takes industry insider perception, experience and network to locate and identify the best candidates.  This is where exactly PMG's core competence lies.  Shipping like other service industries, is people-centric; we match the two.

Specialised service track is laid out for SEAFARERS seeking careers ashore in Shipping, Maritime related industries and the evolving new opportunities.

Our philosophy is to enable the individual seek career challenges meeting his human resource potential, thereby providing our Principals the best of motivated talent. Unlike many others, PMG does not charge the candidates any fees.

Thank you for visiting our site and we appreciate your comments and feedback in advance.