Can U? U can!
Ticking Bye
Cheer Ahoy
Come on, Carry on, Go on ...
Tougher to thrive
Mariners' Plight
A Great Leveler
Right or Wrong?
Prose in Verse
Lawful Lines
Tears, Heroics, Ashes
Happens to be..
THINKER, Cure thyself
Oh my GOD



Spiritualist Oct ‘10

Oh God! imaginary, real, force or nay
Lead, guide, correct, show us ways
For, chasing many, we gone astray
Pandits, priests, imams, lay their ways
Politicians divide, milk, make hay
Ideologies soil, spoil, split our ways

Metaphysics, theism, theology, spirit,
Philosophies, faiths, rituals, religions
Principles, Tenets, dogmas, doctrines
Epics, puranas, myths, lores
Prose, verse, hymns, couplets
Thee personified, prayed, sought

From nature, matter, wonders,
Thee visualized omnipotent
From dreams, illusions, beliefs
Thee accepted omnipresent
From senses, nescience, science,
Thee acknowledged omniscient

From fear, scare, caution
Thee deemed immortal
Of devotion, respect, love
Thee beatified beautiful

In form, substance and pose
Thee manifested and idolated
In temples, mosques, churches
Thee nurtured and deified

In murals, sculptures, scriptures
Thee portrayed and idolized
In body, mind, conscience
Thee enshrined and revered

Of formless Nirgunabrahman
Resplendent Sagunabrahman
Sans agnostic, hedonist, nihilism
Thee sanctified, consecrated, venerated

Of ignorance, doubts, knowledge,
Thee worshipped as probable
For turiya, fame, power, pelf
Thee entrusted and administered

Be peace on earth for survival
Unite and save us from bigotry
Yes or no, we are beholden
Till thy kingdom truly come





Its all in the mind, I found it
let it be the driver of your brain
and not let brain drive the mind
for we all come with clean mindware

Left, right, or from middle temple
steer it with auto suggestion
trust your instincts n not impulses
most of all, don't let others drive you

Wants, needs, desires, spoils
hopes, dreams, wishes n ambitions
Love, hatred, selfish ego n pride
we all are driven by these n more

Whence we came, where bound
nothingness prevades, enslaved by time
What, when, where, why n how
Seeking god n sundry eternally

let your mind takes wings n fly
lest you remain ground bound
focus, guess, try intuition n telepathy
MIND is the true realm of them all.



Hey, you primate homo sapien
come here, 'll make ya happier
know ya cometh with mindware?
gonna programme y'r hardware

Take these alphabets and numbers
Rhymes, slangs, lingo n software
Try music, dance, sports n games too
will give some money, if ye good enough

Stand up, walk, run, cycle and drive
swim, chase, hunt, fight can you?
gotta survive here amongst the fittest
sans intellect, evolve genes the very best

Educate, inculcate n condition
your blankness of pentabytes,
erase, uncondition ain't easy
nirvana indeed if thee seek

Come, live and go in cycles
birth, rebirths of dreams, desires
cleanse n unlearn for solace n peace
karma'g along to destiny



Can U? U can!

Stand up n fight with bare hands n teeth
like animals with paws, beaks n grit
Stand up for a cause n dear principles
not money, fame or opportunities

Read between lips and lines
seal own lips and watch your lines
Take others w'out malice n envy
keep a clean slate of karmic deeds

When nothing seems to work,
down in the dumps n weak
be calm & composed when tension strikes
be in self control when others strike

Stay cool n not provoked
bear joy and sorrow alike
sans anxiety n depressions
be at peace with yourself

For self, mind, ego make all these
pray or blame if you do so must
not others, but your deeds n make
God if you seek, find in thee u must

sweet dreams maketh all these
and more only if you will try
take on the system, change the tides
but flow when you must with the streams

Wanna be different or be like others
Run with friends, or outrun the pack
Listen n see with unbiased mind n lens
Cause paradign shifts n steer them thru

you can win-win, these if you can

                                      Born trier



Confused it seems, in vain all efforts
yet one must get over blankness
it'll stay arid and parched
if not watered and nurtured.

Mind is devil's barn, idle or ticking
it makes gods & satans out of nothing
'cause we wanna something,
everthing n nothing too same time,
that dear is creation of time.

Perception, Maya seems devoid
but like blackhole therein lies hope
ours is to strive and struggle
through something and everything we choose
till pulled back to vortex of nothingness
Thank yourself in this era of choice


Thou ar't an energy particle
traversing universe time and space
in different forms and perceptions
what we do and can, differ too,
but yours is to karma on destiny
so u can let it be or whatever be.

God, if at all there is one or none
is in you, me and everywhere
is reflected in how and what we transform
is in shades of white, grey n black
is in energy streams of heat, light, sound et al

matter these maketh those many
like us of various colours, creeds many
call them names and gods too many
in search of truth, absolute, so many.

Life goes on eternally.



Lord came in
to upgrade some sinners
there was a mad scramble
by those keeping hope n faith
to the stairs and lifts
lest they be left out in flight
they were searched n querried
few passed, just one made the grade
he was jeered n send off
to utter dismay of ole faithfuls
Satan called in
I need more inmates here
send me your dregs
those lazier than others
Jittery was the mood
as all feared downgrade
for none was ready to go
but for one who wanted achange
others wondered why
but he sure wanted to try

enroute they met, Lord n Satan too
then turned back, each to his own den
you done your deeds, reap as ye had sown

(convinced that hell n heaven are the same
just two coin sides, riding its rim of time)


Dec 31st


Ticking Bye

Came, saw, conquered they did
Wondered, wandered, plundered too.

Gods, Religions, Money they made
spawning love and hatred over the globe

Begot offsprings and the familee,
for better or worse in the melee.

Humans on earth
makes Her weep and cry
churning acid rains
fumes wet and dry.

Inane, daring hold the sway
insane logic, sophists many

Nukes stacked here and there
Wonder how long as year rolls by

Worried Soul

01st Jan

If indeed the earlier one was despondent:


 Cheer Ahoy

Cheer up, cheer up, not gloom & doom
Dawn's here, aglow & bloom
Darkest hour only sixty minutes
Much more to live, work and play.

Get up folks, friends, ready, bash
Give it a try push n mighty dash
Play to win, not just play on
Yours 's to karma & not let it be

Sad, glad, good, bad all the same
It all changes as time rolls by,
ride on its rim n roll on by
as days, years, eons go by

We all same natures wonders
Mind, matter, looks, brawn & brains
Its yours to do, know and perceive
Elusive solitude amidst strives n struggles
 Help thyself, He does who do themselves
Happy New Year to one and all

PS: Ebony & Ivory living in perfect harmony
Pak-Ind-Bangla, Pangea can't we?

                               Cheered soul



Come on, Carry on, Go on ...

Ideas aplenty,nets cast far n wide
when none bites, is it the fish or net
Or efforts, direction, focus, drive gone astray
or bad phase-destiny in time-space?

Cheer up, gear up, tack n gybe
take it in stride, try harder, focused
Nothing comes easy, can't lose

Call God, devil, new tricks to fore
Yours is to try till they give in
and not give in them or whatever

It ain't been easy then, now or ever
War, peace, famine, flood or riots
Challenges these, times, one and all
Life sails these n more eternally
traversing birth, death, forms many more

Come on, roll up socks, sleeves, spirits et al
must be options better, unknown, untried
Alone, with others, new scope and field need be
don't squander efforts, chances n opportunities

Learn, discern, borrow ideas, guides directions
Climbing peaks, ducking rain, snow, grime n slime
steady as she goes, stay sane n clear
what u want or don't, but go on

Days, nights, tides, seasons don't wait
strive one must, utilise n exploit for good
For nothing is achieved san efforts n pain



Tougher to thrive
31 Dec 03

Tough times comes like these
tests, trials and tribulations
tougher the soul and self must be
traverse these and much more

Time and tides heals a lot
toughness coming to the fore
tired one might get and ease
transit these trying times

Troubles, turmoils and tempests all
tread with kith, kin, friends on call
tasks focused, teamed, driven
tried, tested, uncharted, tricks too

Targets must in work and life
timeliness a virtue honed
tears, regrets, gotten over with
try, try again, till success-rewards

Tried tracks ain't enough
yours better better the rest
for, the fittest survives
and the toughest thrives




Higher what goes, harder it falls
Don't despair, hang on there
Its heady, don't let it in
Enjoy ride, be sane enough

Does size, speed or need matter?

Was it for real for sure
Or in reels and dreams
That you were there
and are bound right back?

Ok, welcome back here and now
This is what's all about
Matter, Maya or Moksha
Queue up like all else pls

but what matters is you
your drive, courage n commitment
for what falls, bounces too
harder ye fall, higher must rebound




Who am I, whence, where bound
What to do, how long, whose sake?

Spark, energy matter in space-time
ephemeral in eons of life time

straying, guided by destiny, goals or deeds
mercy of thoughts, words n deeds

Ponder, wonder, go on
Live, do and dream on
No choice, pray, move on
Play, work, carry on

Try follow, lead or create
Ideas, changes, strategies anew
For nothing remains same, eternal
For change indeed is what's all about

Change Agent



Ah, November, pleasant n cool
Fading lights n falling leaves
Nay, numbing wintry chill
Try harder if ye slow down

Go, get it, must be done
You better or others will
One needs it, that's the game
To live, look after, duties done

Foolhardy, if not
Loneliness, boredom, bravado
Solitary burden taking toll
Stretch minds, muscles, reach n cover

Rejuvenate daily, again n again
Cycles repeat on many wheels
Ride them in hope n courage
Live, work, perform n achieve




If wishes were horses
n we all are bosses
eternal spring n summer
how wonderful it wud be

If black is white, no tints at all
Wrong is right, no misdeeds at all
I was short, you were long,
How silly n stupid it wud be

If there are no exams
All play, just no work
Only just fun n games
Dull Jacks, all won't we

If there were no taxes
No rules, law n police
Money for nothing, sex for free
What a mess it wud be

If we were not sailors
Just boys washed away
And men beached ashore
What choices have we

So there my brethren
On with life, wife n strife
Tack, gybe, close haul or run free
Ashore, afloat, sailors or salmon
Yours is to toil n sail on bye

Sailing on


Mariners' Plight

Aging mariners

Neptune, albatross, mermaids
've caused mariners blight
worse than fishermen's' sores
unwanted afloat, ashore

What good UNCLOS, IMO, ILO
Flag State, Class and Clubs,
Port States don't trust them
EU chases and gaols
USCG bans and bars
Can't even take a joke!

Surveys, inspections, audits galore
ain't no solace at all
afar, adrift, awash and alone
GPS, Navtex sans morse, semaphore
fate pinned on GMDSS alone!

Heaps of docs, piles of garbage
please a few, jobs done or not
invasive species in ballast aboard
mariners themselves or not?

Criminal, terrorist, pirate no
drunkard, polluter, pilferer nor
outlaw, stowaway, runaway not
Certified competent seafarers but

Aliens, earthlings, foreigners all
Oceans, seas, continents away
Nowhere to go, but sail the seas
Toiling for a living's sake

Oh, yes; gold in the rainbow
Money in banks n long layoffs,
Uncle to kids, mint for wifey, kins
Sneak for reward
If one would, could or should?
blame them not, if they did!

No rhyme or reason sea-faring
Boys, lasses young or old
Whither adventure, shore-leave, fun
Abandon ship in sorry plight
Window seat on homeward flight

Wanna get them, catch them young
Train, pay, care and retain them
good mariners new or old
sure worth their salt in gold




Sniffing around, Wisping around
teeny lots, buzzing around
Got ya, they screamed hotspot
turned out nothing but honeypot

Wardriving went on and on
no luck, only starbucks
won't do, gotta go on
chalk it out, have no bucks

WAP we hit, cantenna we did
Wirelessing all day long
No routers n sissy ssid s
hooked to WiFi ever long

Life changed since WAP. Is telepathy next? Don't know. Friends on line whenever, but lineless. But I miss the haptics. Fun must be physical not wirelessing. It's comfy but feel sort of getting left behind. More to life than just chatting. Can't stay teen all life. When grown up is it gonna be enough? Ok, this global thing, then what next?

Yeah, global village looks for real. Be here, there and everywhere, same time. Poor me, can't leave body, take soul and fly. Me too is real. Perhaps can fly out too. Just leave behind feelings, learn new ways jumping with mind without emotions.

Must be another sense that wanders around. Grab it through wireless, get hooked and transpose over space-time? The ancients must have known and done. That's what's said in myths. So this may be beginning or end or beginning of end or end of beginning?

OK. It is the new wave. Like it or not, join in. Or get left behind. Wanna chase? Its all or nothing. Chalk for nothing and Wifi for free. Careful, big brother must be watching!

Do we need edu? Info or be wise? Its all there. Must learn to look, find and use. That ain't easy. So must study to learn to look to find. That seems interesting. Why not wireless in class? Or home-school routers? Must be possible. But that won't be fun. No meeting, playing, snacking, chatting….. Want everything.


A Great Leveler

Capt. S. Pullat

Erie, misty, placid
dawn trembled in tremor
sub-sea reveille afar
jolting boxing day slumber

Walkers on beaches
Ship-shape, havens,
boats hauling out to fish
sardine schools, gulls aloft

SHE pulled back in the main
luring folks to dash out
for pearls, oysters, lost and found
for greed knows no bounds

Alas, a false call and alarm
back She roared in fury
as storms follow the calm
for souls not so wary

She waved in back and forth
in cycles, length, depth and tides
cleansed beaches, ports and hamlets
of life, boats, crops and sins

Quays awash, mayhem afloat, pilots in distress
moorings snapped, ships banged, on wharves too
unaware they sailed in the deep
as hell broke loose in the docks

When it all subsided
from East Africa to East Indies
a lot lost, homeless and deprived
awoke others, help rained

Beware, She will be back
seawalls, mangroves or what
for tsunami is a great leveler
of what She makes and breaks



Right or Wrong?

Truth Finder

Neither nor, Either or, certainty no
imagination, wishful thinking, yes
Sentiments, inclination, affinity
Fatalist perception, fait accompli
Oh yes, bias, love, hatred too

It's an option, one's choice, call
Take it, mend it, change it, call it what you will
It's the same, white or black, grey or brown
One to few, two to many, any for most

Words ain't precise, Law unsettled
Truth the casualty, Facts veiled, distorted
Conscience the wounded,
Caveat emptor, Ignorantia no excusat

Clear as crystal, white as milk
True or false, can't it be?
Nay, the order, whatever be
damned, get on with it, let it be

As day or night, land and sea
Solid and liquid, yes and no
Not as mist and fog, drizzle and rain
Yet, so doubted, tested, all in vain

Spare no effort, friend or foe
Get to the bottom, truth or lie
For, many the wanted in work and play
Bend it all, fair or square

Christ, Gandhi, Mandela
Inquisition, Experiment, Commission
Won't we ever get to it
Over and deep into Truth at all

Seek ye must, nothing but
Speak thou shall, the same alone
Promise one must, nothing more
Standby It, alive or dead

Money, matter, gains or loss
In the end, let It glare
Against odds, fear or scare
Live or die by It alone


Prose in Verse

Poetry is,
sans diction, hype
noun nor verb,
precise précis

Bereft prepositions
beats, feet, para
stringed thoughts
what propositions!

Oh! adjectives, adverbs
right proportions
contents, context
rhyme; not rhythm
not poetry

Syllables, yes,
conjured images
stray thoughts
strung, bejeweled
not so, won't jell

Aas, bhas, zees
babes, youth, grannies
Swahili…. Pidgin

devoid jagged jargons et al
smooth, sinuous, mellifluous
wordplay serenade
ain't it?.



Lawful Lines


Unlawful, illegal, ignorant, innocent not,
Outlaw, suspect, culprit, criminal, no.
Seeking refined wisdom
Mores, morals, values, custom

Words, languages, ain't precise
cause, action, claims, forum
of obligations n liabilities
silly to vexatious

Civil, Common, Rules, Acts, Edicts
Et bono, PIL, Infructus if be
Ah contempt! rue, blame
System, nepotic sign of times

Dogmas, Doctrines, Principles, maxims
No gainsay estoppels, laches
vicarious, construals, obits

Simple, logical, rational
civil, sensible, reasonable
Natural, delayed, denied
Just, seen, shown, tested
in print, appeals, over time.

Mistakes, errors, omissions
rectify, unsettle purists

Indict, convict, sentence
Pardon, bars, appeals
All fair in love, wars, ADRs;
not life, He giveth, not us

If asinine, inhumane,
in courts, judgments, verdicts,
What of equity, fairness et al
none the good at all




Religions, laws, logic gets nowhere
Gods -bystanders in realms everywhere
For, humans contrive, strive for humane good
if nothing, but for greater common good

Proverbs, morals, ethos, edicts
mores, values, virtues, fair enough.
more in breach in earthly pursuits
but try, do, intent, good enough!

Oh! preach? Activity, not result
Do, make, alter one's destiny
Yours to do, not for results
No choice, not inaction

Born to live, perform and perish,
Senses, knowledge, gadgets
arts, science, sports in vein,
Time, tests, must bear in sane

Do, work, struggle, create
Sweat, retry, again, harder
against adversity , all odds.
Improve, refine, tune, perfect
Yes, find our forte, we all must

That motto indeed is the credo.

Not fault, debase, complain,
corrupt, exploit, subvert, squander
time, money, talents, opportunities,
but help, focus, team, lead

Excel the goal, raise the bars,
set examples, share, care.
Gain satisfaction, achievement
Fame, fortune, if you would.



Tears, Heroics, Ashes

Don't cry Australia
You had your days under the sun
of elation, glory and fun

Give the Pommies a chance
to feel good & celebrate
They didn't win by default
with grit n guts they fought
pride did the 'roos in.
Better luck next time.



Feel so sad for Ricky,
Missing the Waughs & wows?
What a waste of Warne
Glenn brought to earth
Gille lost the magic
Brett pummeled on the pitch
At lunch it was even stevens
All over in four overs
Blood, sweat, tears,
a season's wear and tear
Ex-Aussie fan

No Comments on Indians



Air, Water, Fire
Solid, Liquid, Gas
Element, Molecule, Atom
Proton, Neutron, Electrons
Boson, Photon, Graviton
Quark, Lepton, Forceon
Gluon, Meson, Baryon
Strong, Weak, Emf
Singularity, Duality, Blackholes!
Creator, Preserver, Destroyer
Unifies Nature threes

Flesh, Bones, Blood
Limbs, Organs, Sheath
Breathes, Senses, Digests
Alive, Awake, Doses
Growing, Withering, Dies
Gather, Store, Recall
Alert, Analyse, Guess
Brood, Calm, Respond
Project, Foresee, Detect
Drives, Happiness, Sorrows

Male, Female, Asexual
Create, Born, Transit
Survive, Grow, Evolve
Mutate, Multiply, Decay
Body does it all
Matter, Id, Me
Soul asks it all
Think, Plan, Execute
Absorb, Reflect, Deflect
Emote, Clean, Cure
Worry, Divert, Empathise
Mind minds it all

Live, work, Play
For one, others, all
Time, chances, dictate
What, When, Where
Rein in your brains
that drive thought trains
sterile, purile or divine
destiny these derive

Real, Virtual or Percept
Whence, Here, What for
Space, Time, Enigma
Will we grasp at all?




Thoughts, logical, rational reasonings
Bits & Bytes they all boil down
Knowledge, science, philosophy
Beliefs, faiths, theology

Commandments, dogmas, guidelines
Proverbs, sayings, morals n mores
Tenets, principles, practices and more

Stories,aphorisms, analogies, allegories
Myths, Puranas, Ithihasas, Scriptures
Holistic edicts of dos and donts

Darkness, twilight, light at last
Prayers, seeking, preceptors
Pursuit the path, never ending

Singularity, duality, multiplicities
Enlightened into blackholes
Repetitive cycles, escapades
Reunion again with Almighty



Happens to be..

We happen to be
Here and now
In this time space
Of yore and yonder

By karma or perchance
Fate, destiny, perhaps
Is it Id, Ego, Self that drives?
Or a Force of Divine Grace!

Never mind, get going
Lest inaction sets in
Or ennui sets in
If one just sits in.

Ours to work, play n pray
For all that’s our way
Help one, all for good
For greater common good

Birth, place or circumstances
War, peace or opportunities
Ours to do, help and be creative
That’s what keeps us alive n going





It all started with logics n philosophies
search for truth, reason, cause n effect
going around in circles of hope n despair
Nay, it hasn't got us anywhere

Plants, animals, species, poison, antidotes
elements, atoms, electrons, blackholes
amoeba, bateria, cells et al we found
History, maths, science got us nowhere
in this world n universe of space-time.

God, satan, demigods n preachers too
kill n plunder in the name of them all
little justice, law and freedom to boot
what with corporates cooking the books
what one stands for, all in vain

What, why, where, how, when and whence
confused, embroiled in circle, hemis n ellipse
loops of beginning, end, creation n destruction
round n round, time n again in timeless space

Why-not ask what-not, what-else, where-all
seek eternal truth, time n god
if indeed there is one or many
For it all exists any n everywhere
in the eyes of beholders.

If only one would care to sense
his own potential n limitations
undcondition n grab opportunities
change for a better 'morrow n day after.

Change agent



Wandering Mind, difting scenes
passing days, seasons change
searching for ideas, work and dough
peace of action that jells with self

Little to find, marooned it feels
bleakness sorrounds, courage sways

Nay, go on, hunt and pray
beat y'r own path, make y'r day
one's is to do and let karma be
alone if can, together better be

It ain't easy, for ends to meet
make a mark, stand off the lot
Trust you must, believe in self
all to gain, nothing to lose

Elusive will be the turning points
without tries, till it's around
Create you must, chances, tries and wins
To Be, Go on, till exit when one must

Sans them, it ain't worth the game
beliefs, self, brains and brawns

Life is an amalgam these and more
Mind percepts, images and views
Maya it is, over space and time
but here and now, matters too



Thots are good for their own times
specs of energy focused and lit
restrained by nurtured senses
or delusions of consciousness ?

Cause & effect, triumph of Reason et al
Religion, Metaphysics, Science
Agony, Information, Spiritualism
prey to trinities of Matter

Thru dreams & premonitions
the spirit shines rays of light
Mind peeking at infinity
Ah ! cerrebral lightening?

driven by thot process
inspired thru incident accident or fate
leapfrog with paradigm shift
attain awakening or nirvana

Time is a circle looped around
shackled by bounds of wisdom
Little knowledge turning dangerous
groping for more and dark matter




If a drunkard, must get pissed often
If a screwie, must plug holes often
If a glutton, must eat very oftener
A thinker? Cant stop thinking ever!

So get your mind under control
Devil’s workshop, pleasure harem.
Devoid history, knowledge, emotion
Desert, Barren, Frigid it would be

Wanna uncondition?

Join the lots, commoners….philosophers
they haven’t found any, but chasm
if you do, do share with the rest

Seen eunuchs, blind, differently-abled
Faced perils, traumas, elation, ecstasy
Crossed rivers, seas, mountains, bridges
Witnessed riots, sabotage, havocs?

Tried listen music bereft lyrics n beat?
Imagine sexy lasses sans flesh!
Flowers without fragrance
Rivers running dry, no air to breathe
hardly a dream, drive, goal n vision
Wont we lose our minds?

No Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada, Matsarya
Happiness, sadness, sympathy, empathy
Hopeless, worthless, what a pity!

Call black as white, red as green
Pain as pleasure, distress as joy
Boy, so boring, insipid n gray

So, my friend, shall I pray
Get on with life, make hay
Its time-space, divine grace
Opportunities, all, they say

God concept empowers self
Self-realise, make choices
Aint no elixir; fcocus thy energy

Aham, Tat Sat, Tat-thva-masi
Aham Brahmasmi,Thou-art God
Vairagya? Renunciation?
Tried Guru, Perceptor?

Turn karmic, ‘Reap as you sow’
“Oh, Arjuna, let not inaction be your forte”

Unconditioner (No conditions apply)


THINKER, Cure thyself

Thinker, cleanse thine
then pls, others and mine
Know thyself
Let the Force guide

Welcome to the nightmare
of anguish, agony of brain-ware

It all boils down to perceptions
Karma, belief, faith, maya
Chances in chaos, judgments,
Consciousness, choices
Deeds, misdeeds, nescience

For ye, told, educated
set and conditioned;
try friends, preceptors
when in doubt n distress

Focus, intent, rejuvenate
Retry, re-plan, emancipate
Reboot, reprogram, reconcile
With vigour, zest, no malice

Try conflict resolutions
Isolate Unity amidst diversity
Seek Singularity in Trinity
For solace, self-realisation
n Greater Common Good.

PS: Don’t derail thot process train
Let’s shunt, haul, gang up
Find, filter, facts, truth of hang ups
Before we are hung up;
aint that’s whats been up?

Loud Thinker



Rational, Reasonable, Sensible
Creative, Pragmatic, Plausible
Pessimistic optimism

Cynic, Ascetic, Stoic!

Deduce, Derive, theorem
Reduce, doctrine, dictum
Adduce, formulate, customs
Dogma, fanaticisms, schisms

Syllogic aphorisms
Allegoric algorithms

Mores, morals, maxims
adages, parables, proverbs,
truisms, ethics, tenets

Concepts, Beliefs, practices
Faiths, earthly, pursuits

Body, mind, soul: union
Fate, karma, destiny: cycles

Sages, Saints, Scholars
Sophists, Gurus, Preceptors

Metaphors, metaphysics
Hypothesis, basis, principles
Explicit, implicit, tacit
Intellect, intuitions

Of facts, proofs, tests
Senses, perceptions, illusions

Mysticism, Solipsism, Realism
the twain tango
Conjoined surrealism
Time-space enigma.



Oh my GOD

Determinists been at it
Physicists stuck in black-holes
IT might be dark matter
Believers: it doesn’t matter

Chemists unable crystallise solutions
Divinists precipitate u in devotion
Lay seek thou thru preceptors
Neuros spotting in receptors

Bios see you in flora-fauna
Zoos in plankton-creatures
Prahlad: seen in everything
We seeking everywhere

Be it myth, lore, belief, faith
Could be a FORCE per creationists
Micro-macro cosm para-brahman
Idolized nirguna-brahman

Bless us thy Grace me lord
Let it be, whatever be

Evil-less thoughts, words n deeds
manasa, vacha, karmana

Let us seek nirvana
Lest rebirth cycles…