The Force

Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient
Links, Separates, Co-ordinates
Beginning, Existence, End
Creation, Evolution, Destruction

Beyond senses, plasma, placebo
Definition, identification, comparison
Language, expression, ideology
Matter, metaphysics, philosophy

Human idea, intent, intuition
Live, escape, delegate, account, meditate.
Earthly realities to cosmic conundrums
Realms of nature, feature, perceptions

Accept, reject, ignore or live with
Inescapable, around, multitudes
Said to be sole but in multiples
Yet more, as seekers empower

Darkness, plight, light, awareness
Knowledge, wisdom, consciousness
Beliefs, faiths, practices, rituals, religion
Infighting, wars, destruction, terrorism

Every tribe, settlement, culture,
Village, nations, civilizations
Fear of nature, unknowns, knowns
Beyond science, synthesis; nescience?!

Hypothesise, ancestor worship, idolise
Tame beast, self realize, reconcile
Preceptors? guide, interpret, multiply
Challenge? Reunify back to singularity